Music therapy, enhancing life with dementia

When MHA Music therapist Tom discovered Sally’s favourite song, something extraordinary happened.
Watch how this Moment of Joy led to others, alleviating Sally’s advanced dementia symptoms.

What is music therapy?

Highly-trained MHA therapists use the power of music to unlock a Moment of Joy for people living with dementia, reducing anxiety and depression, and stimulating cognition.

MHA Music Therapy session - image of Cynthia

Cynthia’s story: Glimpses of mum

Playing her own electric organ in music therapy pulls Cynthia out of her anxiety into a happier place.  Read more

MHA Music Therapist image singing

Tommy’s story: Lighting up

Tommy’s upbeat mood lasts for some time after his music therapy sessions with Aisling, which helps to lift other MHA residents too.  Read more

More Moments
Moment Of Joy ambassador image of Arlene Phillips

Choreographer Arlene Phillips is a Moment of Joy campaign ambassador

I’ve spent my life working with and through music and know its incredible power to move and inspire. That’s why I’m delighted to support the brilliant work done by MHA and their specialist music therapists. To see the way familiar old tunes bring moments of joy to the lives of people living with dementia is truly beautiful. To reawaken memories in those living with dementia and bring them back to their loved ones and to those who care for them – even for a short time – is magical. I believe everyone should support this wonderful, life-enhancing work. If you feel the same please help us unlock more memories and bring families together.

What's your musical Moment of Joy? Share it on social media today using #MomentOfJoy and raise awareness of the power of music therapy for people with dementia.

Help us create more moments of joy

MHA Music Therapy session image with instruments

The price of your favourite three tracks could help towards funding a music therapy session to help someone find their Moment of Joy

MHA Music Therapist session with musical instrument

The price of a monthly music streaming subscription could help fund a music therapy session to help find someone’s Moment of Joy

MHA Music Therapist session with musical instrument - Dr Ming

Could fund a one-to-one session with someone living with dementia


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