Chris Wilson

Image of MHA Music Therapist Chris Wilson

Providing an inspirational therapeutic relationship

It’s hard for MHA music therapist Chris to choose one inspirational Moment of Joy.

“There are lots,” he says. But one that stands out is when someone he had been working with individually changed after they appeared to be disengaged. 

“They started to make small taps with their fingers on some hand held percussion – their first tentative steps to dialogue,” says Chris. “It was inspirational as it shows the often overlooked side of music therapy – the small effects of several weeks of building a therapeutic relationship.”

Power of music

Chris became a music therapist as he wanted to combine his musical skills with a vocational role. He started off training to be a teacher and came across music therapy at a ‘careers with music’ day at the event his school had put on. 

“The best thing is seeing the power of music therapy and music on people living with dementia,” says Chris. “It might be a reduction in someone’s anxiety so that they are able to relax. Or someone who is low in mood becoming stimulated by music therapy and their confidence increasing.”

Watch this short video to find out more about the benefits Chris thinks music therapy offers.

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